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Basic Rules at Housing

The use of any mind or mood altering substances is strictly prohibited throughout all levels of care. Guests are breathalyzed daily and randomly urine tested a minimum of twice per week. Failure to comply with random drug testing and daily and/or random breathalyzer testing will result in being discharged from Residence.

Detailed orientations are held for new guests upon admittance to ensure a welcoming, yet thorough, understanding of our program’s rules and expectations. Guests must attend nine consecutive weeks of a daily 12-step meeting, to which we offer transportation four times per day. A mandatory weekly community meeting is held every Monday at 10:30 am. Daily meditation meetings are held Monday through Friday at 8:30 am and attendance to this meeting is mandatory if a guest is not working or in school full-time. Guests are expected to be looking for employment with our Employment Consultant whose sole purpose is to ensure each guest is employed. Each guest must be gainfully employed to complete our extended care program. Curfew is 10:30 pm throughout the nine week extended care program.

Walmart gift cards are provided to guests twice per week during the nine-week program ($35 for Monday through Thursday and $35 for Friday through Sunday) for a total of $70 per week. Breakfast is provided daily. Transportation to and from Walmart is provided at 1:30 pm and 8:00 pm during the week, and 4:00 pm during weekends. Gift cards are signed out in the Main Office 15 minutes prior to departure and held by the van drivers, who requests receipts upon return from Walmart to ensure gift cards are spent appropriately. The Main Office is open 8 am-12 am Su-Th and 10a-2a F-Sa. The office closes for staff meetings from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm during weekdays. There is awake overnight staff visiting all properties in the off hours.

Guests are responsible for maintaining cleanliness of their residence at all times. A detailed chore list is provided for each apartment and thorough inspections are conducted by staff on Monday mornings. There are to be no locks on any bedroom doors and the use of tobacco is prohibited within apartments. This includes smoking and vaporizing products, regardless of their nicotine content. At no time may any guest enter a member of the opposite sex’s apartment. Additionally, at no time may a guest borrow another guest’s vehicle, regardless of individualized permission granted by the vehicle’s owner. Stealing of personal items or property is prohibited, which includes borrowing before asking. Relationships are also prohibited with members of the Royal community.

Basic Rules at Treatment

Requirements include active participation in all group therapy and individual therapy appointments, refraining from holding any “negative contracts,” and proactive communication with staff of any issues that arise. Attendance is mandatory for all scheduled appointments and consequences are given for not upholding this individualized commitment to treatment.

Medication Policy

All medication is stored within the Housing main office upon admission, including over-the-counter medications. A seven-day pill container is given to each guest for the storage of a week’s supply of medication. This pill container remains in their possession and is refilled by each guest in the main office every Sunday.

Mail Policy

All mail may be sent to 701 South Swinton Avenue of Delray Beach, FL, 33444. Staff may request at their discretion that a guest open their mail in front of staff to ensure no contraband is entering the property.

Phone Call Policy

Cell phones are permitted at this level of care, however they are NOT permitted at the Outpatient facility. All phones are collected upon entrance to this facility, safely stored, and returned upon exit. Each townhome of the Housing property is equipped with a phone and laptop for appropriate usage.

Guest Cash Program

While your loved one is in our 9 week program, their basic needs are met in regards to food ($70 a week in gift cards and daily breakfast), cleaning supplies, bedding, towels, hygiene products, etc. You may wish to offer them a small amount of spending money for incidentals that may arise. Guarantors may call our main office at any time during the week to deposit funds to their loved one’s guest cash account. For all credit card transactions, there is a $50 minimum and 15% surcharge. As many families will agree, their loved ones may have experienced issues in managing money throughout their past, therefore, we strive to assist in budgeting guests’ money. In accordance with this goal, the maximum daily limit a guest may withdraw from their account is $20; you may set a lower daily limit if you feel a lower allowance is in your loved one’s best interest.

Visitation Policy

Following notification of staff, family members and sponsors are permitted to visit their loved ones in limited areas of the Housing property. There are no visitors allowed inside a townhome, at any time.

Pass Policy & Procedure

During the extended care program, overnight passes are not permitted. Exceptions may be made on an individual basis for court proceedings or family emergencies.

Family Apartment Information

We also would like to offer your family the opportunity to stay free in an apartment to visit your loved one at Royal Life Centers. This guest house is available for immediate family to reserve free of charge for a maximum of seven days during planned visits with their loved ones. We invite you to reserve your space with us by completing our Families Stay Free Booking Form. Book your stay by clicking in the text box beneath “Check In Date” and selecting a date using the online calendar. The apartment is available on a First Come First Serve basis. We look forward to the opportunity to meet you as we all celebrate your loved one’s sobriety and recovery.

We are proud to be located on SAMHSA’s treatment provider network.


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