"Because We Care"

Commitment House Sober Living Residence

Our Delray Beach sober living community and residences consists of varying levels of care, which allows us to provide the right sober living solution for individuals and their specific needs. Many times individuals can struggle in early recovery and may find themselves starting over after relapsing or just require a higher level of care. That's where our Commitment House comes into play. Individuals who are just coming off of a relapse, just out of an in-patient treatment center, or need a higher level of supervision will find themselves living at commitment house for up to 2 weeks before moving on to a different Royal Life Centers sober living facility.

Halfway House Residential Program

Residents are drug tested more frequently, are required to attend intensive outpatient therapy, are not able to come and go as they please, and are generally provided more structure to ensure their success. All of the amenities, resources, and programs from the main property are still made available to Commitment house residents, just in a more supportive and intensive environment. After proving to staff members and more importantly yourself, that you can handle more freedom and responsibility, you will be moved to one of the other sober living programs which has slightly more flexibility and privileges.

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