"Because We Care"

Mature House Sober Living Program

As individuals progress in their recovery, our Delray Beach Mature House is the next step in our sober living treatment program. Offering a later curfew, and fewer restrictions than those at the main property, this is the next phase for our sober living residents. Often as people get healthier they earn more freedom, and begin to add different responsibilities to their lives such as advanced work opportunities or schooling. Mature enables individuals to continue living a clean, sober, and responsible living while still maintaining the supportive and structured environment that Royal Life Centers provide.

Delray Beach Halfway House Residence

Individuals living here, have fewer restrictions and much more room to grow and take advantage of all that our Delray Beach location offers, but still allows for accountability and a safety net. After making the transition to the Mature House, individuals have a more lax curfew, more freedoms and options, but still have the accountability that random drug testing offers people still in the beginning stages of drug and alcohol recovery. Similarly to all other phases of Royal Life Centers Sober living, you will still have access to all the programs, help, support, and amnesties that Royal Life Centers offers. We strongly believe that as part of the healing process you learn to step out on your own and discover what responsible, mature, clean living is all about. We also believe that in order to be successful at living a clean and sober life, this change should be gradual and as supportive as possible. Royal Life Centers Mature House makes this all possible. If you think you could benefit from out Mature House sober living community, please give us a call (888)9-STAYSOBER with any questions or concerns.

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